Autumn 2016 Newsletter

Indigo loves you

The Indigo team want you to know,
The things that we do, aren’t just for show.
We love our clients dearly,
We say this sincerely And we want you to leave with a fab fro!
Your visit to us will always be more,
Enjoyable, relaxing and never a chore!
We send you a text, to remind that you are next,
We’re always pleased to see you for sure!
Quenching your thirst on arrival, Will aid to your survival,
Teas, hot chocolate and coffee can be served,
Although the option of wine and beer is always preferred!!

Spoil yourself

Feeling peckish and in need of a bite,
Nuts, sweets, chocolate raisins……what a delight!
If you fancy some more, we have plenty in store,
To munch on while we’re colouring your white!

A neck and shoulder massage you will receive,
With added hand and scalp massages before you leave.
Scented oils are used, flower and plant infused. A chilled out state will be achieved!

And Relax….

We have an area with sofas downstairs, Which has plenty of room for pushchairs!
We welcome babies that need feeding and children that like reading,
We can even get them sweeping hair!

The weather can change as we all know,
but don’t worry we have brollies for rain, sleet and snow!
If you fancy a rain cap we have them too and air conditioning if it’s too hot for you!

Come rain or shine

In salon loyalty points you will accumulate, with each and every Indigo date!
Money off or a blowdry, take your pick, don’t be shy.
We know a little freebie is always great!

Indigo loves you… our gift to you

We love our regulars, of course we do, but welcome new clients in the hope they love us too.
A token gift for you is shared, to show that nothing is spared.
Indigo’s the right place for you!

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